Final Reflections


  • This chapter includes final reflection questions to wrap up the whole module.

“What gives me hope is a simple truism. Once we lose hope, we are guaranteed to lose. But if we ignore the odds and fight to create an antiracist world, then we give humanity a chance to one day survive, a chance to live in communion, a chance to be forever free.”

 -Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist

Reflection Questions

  • Reflection/discussion questions
    • How has your understanding of what community care means changed from when you started the first chapter? What are your main takeaways?
    • Were there any points during which you felt particularly uncomfortable? Why and what did you learn? 
      • Note: feeling uncomfortable is different than feeling unsafe
    • Why is it important to take care of our collective and holistic health as we engage in activism?
      • Why is it important to address activist burnout, vicarious traumatization, grief, depression, and anxiety when engaged in activism?
    • How can we apply what we learned about community care throughout the rest of our activist experience? How can we center community care as we engage in activism, instead of treating it as a side note?
      • Into both the structure of the class/engagementship, collective and individual practices 
      • How can we practice healing justice throughout the rest of this class/engagementship? 
      • How can we create a safe space where all of us can share our needs and feel supported by one another? How can we do this, even though there are and will be power dynamics present among us?
      • How can we create an accessible environment? 
    • What did you appreciate about these modules and what gaps did you notice? How can we address those gaps collectively?

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