Current Areas of Focus

Intergenerational Connections and Futures: Afghanistan
Intergenerational Connections and Futures (ICF) is the UBC arm of the project and it aims to connect Afghan students in the diaspora with each other and with Afghan at-risk scholars and activists to discuss, exchange ideas, and document possible ‘pathways’ for the socio-political development of Afghanistan.

Human Rights Training
This project will develop a coordinated and resourced network of people, modules and courses dedicated to interdisciplinary learning and research about Human Rights education while enhancing the necessary training available to students and scholars researching and enacting Human Rights. The project will begin in spring/summer 2022. Objectives: Provide an annual Human Rights advocacy and research […]

Academic Freedom & Human Rights
The HRC supports Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network’s international initiative for advocacy, protection and learning towards academic freedom and the respect for scholars’ human rights. We focus primarily on the learning and advocacy arms of the Scholars at Risk mandate and complement the protection work carried out under the VP International.  The Collective’s work on […]