Introducing the HRC Resource Catalog

The Resource Catalog is the newest addition to the Human Rights Training Program. Developed as a part of the TLEF project, this interdisciplinary hub aims to enhance student learning in the field of human rights. It provides students and faculty members with opportunities to learn valuable information and skills for human rights research and advocacy beyond their own expertise.

The Catalog contains various online resources, including video excerpts from discussion panels, news articles, and documents on human rights topics like academic freedom, media monitoring, and environmental rights. Faculty members can survey the Catalog and include any applicable resources as supplementary materials in their courses. Moreover, students interested in human rights can explore the Catalog in order to strengthen their learning outside of the classroom.

Accessing the HRC Resource Catalog

The Resource Catalog is hosted on UBC’s Canvas Catalog online learning platform and can be accessed here. It is open to everyone, meaning there are no special conditions of enrolment or payment required to view and use the materials.