UBC Afghan Scholars, Students and Activists: A Discussion on Building Scholarly Connections in the Diaspora

About the Event

When: Wednesday, August 9th, 4-6 PT

Where: Place of Many Trees (Liu Insititue)


To foster knowledge-sharing and the exchange of ideas, the “Intergenerational Connections and Futures” (ICF) is organizing a discussion session on August 9th to focus on the significance of, the opportunities for, and the barriers to creating intergenerational scholarly connections among displaced scholars. Other relevant themes that encompass the diverse experiences, challenges, and needs of displaced students and scholars within the Canadian higher education system will also be explored to foster a more comprehensive dialogue. We hope to learn from the insights of students and scholars with lived experience of forced displacement about the significance of scholarly networks in the diaspora, as well as the support needed to facilitate these networks at UBC and beyond.

The common themes and topics shared during this discussion session will be documented and drawn upon by ICF as we work towards creating an outline for a final report titled “Envisioning Home from Afar: Afghanistan and its Lessons – a Reflection on Crisis and Landing in the Diaspora.’’ This report will serve as a repository of knowledge, capturing the collective wisdom, challenges, and successes of displaced scholars, students, and other intellectuals involved in the ICF arm of the project. The final report, scheduled for release in 2024, will be shared with higher education institutions, policymakers, and various groups and individuals involved in the field of refugee higher education in Canada.

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