Trauma-Informed Community Care

About the Event

Activists often face vicarious traumatization as social and environmental injustice can be traumatizing. In order for activists to engage in human rights work in a sustainable manner, addressing and openly talking about how to practice community care is essential. Rather than individualizing care work, community care asks how we can support the people in our community and in return how we can receive support. 

This session aims to provide the audience with tools and knowledge about how to bring trauma-informed community care to their communities. The session will challenge the audience to imagine community care related norms, practices, structures that they would like to create.

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About the Speaker

Nastya Mozolevych

Nastya Mozolevych (she/her) is a Ukrainian student double majoring in Sociology and International Relations. She was previously a Program Assistant at the UBC Human Rights Collective (HRC). A major part of her work within the HRC has been to incorporate trauma-informed community care into various projects. She developed a module on community care for students and faculty who engage in scholar activist work.